” Select Biology at HSC level and learn the life science from an eminent lecturer to become a Doctor/Scientist or simply to live a healthy life.”

 1 . Learning biology opens up career opportunities

Biology is the fascinating subject having highest weightage in NEET. While selecting the subjects for HSC (XI & XII), student and parents should consider that they should opt biology at least up to HSC level. Biology syllabus is very well designed by the Board. To become a doctor has always been the first priority for many students. Apart from being a doctor, various other professional careers require the basic knowledge of biology.

Government of India is promoting researches in various bio related sectors like agriculture, horticulture, dairy and animal husbandry, genetic engineering, biotechnology, etc. In all these sectors, there is a great requirement of genius and dedicated personalities who will work for the betterment of India.

Other professional careers like Chemist, Geneticist, Nurse, Psychologist, Teacher, Cell Biologist and Environmentalist also get open for the students of biology.

 2.  Biology is the heart of many social and economic issues

The knowledge of the biology is must for taking decisions about their own health and about significant biological issues such as genetically modified crops, the use of antibiotics and the eradication of invasive species. Health means social, physiological and mental well being. For being healthy the basic knowledge of human body and the relationship of human with environment must be known. This is possible only with the help of biology!

 3.  Biology is at the forefront of ecological issues

Ecology is the science in which the interrelationship of organism with environment is studied. Human illegitimate activities had created great harm to our mother earth. By studying biology, students become much more aware of ecological issues. They will try to stop exploitation of environment. Due to various human activities like farming, mining or energy production purposes, atmosphere of  the mother earth is being destructed. We all should think only about the sustainable ways of development and should use natural resources (soil, land, water) in such a way that they will also remain for the next generations.

 4.  Biology touches every sector of life

Even beauticians and housewives need to learn the basic importance of biology . Beauticians deal with significant body parts and housewives are handling the life in house. As it is said by Hippocrates ‘ Let food be thy medicines and medicine be thy food’.  The housewives should have good knowledge about nutritional value of various food ingredients, physiology of body, use of microorganisms for preparing delicious food ingredients and the importance of cleanliness, etc. This is possible only with the study of basic biology.

To become a nutritionist is one of the  best career options. Many people are suffering from the problems of malnutrition, overweight and underweight. Due to the study of biology, everyone will be able to know the reasons behind the sudden changes happening in their bodies. For instance, when kids unexpectedly grow taller and they experience changes in their physical appearances and sleeping patterns, this means that their bodies have started releasing hormones in preparation for their puberty stage.

5 . Biology helps in Answering the Fundamental Questions About Life & paves way for scientific investigations

The study of biology can lead to the answers of life’s fundamental questions such as; How and where did life began? Where do humans come from? Was it God that made the human beings? Or were they formed according to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution? What is the cause of existence of human on earth?

Perhaps, one of the best importance of biology is paving the way for humans to conduct scientific investigations, which are very useful in discovering new things, through the scientific method. Basically, biologists do experiments to learn significant and interesting facts about the world. They also do fieldwork, having expeditions and explorations into unknown lands to gather more information about life.

Biology learnt from an eminent lecturer will help to understand the life existing around us and hence every human will think about other creatures and nature. It provides a solution for the complete eradication of different environmental issues still persisting today.