Dear Parents,

            We know that inspite of various academies and institutions, common student remain away from tangible benefits and success.

           The reasons may be any, but I always  try to overcome those all possible reasons  behind failure or poor performance in various boards and competitive exams.

          Usually it is seen that the aims are of parents and not of students, hence they do not work hard. I  try to give them ultimate direction in stepwise manner. I teach them optimism, positive thinking,  to keep high aims and to work hard for achieving them.

          Personally I feel that  it is the responsibility of both parents and teacher to groom confident future generation hence I pay complete attention towards following things-

          I pay attention towards their eating and sleeping habits as they affect on their health and concentration.

         I teach them to develop good relationships with other persons so that they will groom as wealthy and healthy persons.

         I teach them the study planning and time management as one who fails to plan is planning to fail.       

        Many revision sessions, Fill in the blanks on every line of Text Book, Unit tests, Group tests, MCQ’s,  Diagram tests make them perfect for fighting the final battle of the Board and competitive exams.

        All those things are taught in stepwise manner so that they start getting pleasure in studies and then can study for more hours.

        It is our experience that,  after our teaching, moral and meditation sessions, students develop good thoughts, keen interest towards studies, confidence, healthy body, healthy social behavior, etc. Their body mind and soul becomes tools to achieve highest goal.  

 I believe in complete reform.

Have a faith that change is possible and that happens  HERE.

                                                                                                 Yours faithfully

                                                                                                   Manjiri Munje