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” न हि ज्ञानेन सदृशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते ।“

Courses Offered

Courses Offered

We Offer Coaching For Various Biology Related Entrance Exams. Here Are The Courses That We Offer and Their Information In Detail.

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Career Options In Biology

Career Options In Biology

Biology Is A Subject And Has a Spectrum of Career Opportunities Associated with it. Here Are Some Things You Can Do if you Choose To Pursue Biology in the Future.

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Our Results

Our Results

Hardwork, Dedication, Discipline and a Good and Motivating Teacher Leads to Good Results. Here are Some of Our Achievers.

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Certainly, there is nothing as pure as knowledge in this world.

This statement applies to all forms of knowledge, be it spiritual or be it material science.

To thrive in a great competition, it is better to consider the pen as the sword and the knowledge power as the muscle power.

We Indians are always ahead in the world in terms of hard work.

I always make the students to keep high aims like to become a doctor or a scientist and achieve the highest position in any sector which they select.

The opposite of knowledge is ‘ignorance’. Due to various diversifications, today’s youth seem to become unaware of his own responsibilities. Only a proper guidance can give a proper track to the train of their life.

Biology is the ultimate subject touching every basic aspect of the life like health, environmental awareness, agriculture, cleanliness, etc.

In my class, students develop complete interest in such a wonderful subject and become ready for the battle of life.

The guaranteed progress of students is achieved by -.

Ø  Dedicated & result oriented coaching.

Ø  Value based education for creating future responsible doctors and scientists!

Ø  Interesting Audiovisual Methodology to enhance perception.

Ø  Huge course is completed with proper planning, smart work and many revision sessions to achieve perfection in BIOLOGY!


Manjiri ma’am’s Bio Classes is the ultimate name in Biology Education for getting confidence in Zoology and Botany for NEET, KVPY, IISER & All other National Bio related competitive exams.

Mrs. Manjiri Munje is an Amravati University Topper in M.Sc. Zoology and B.Ed. from Government B.Ed. College, Nagpur, Maharashtra. As having vast experience and intense knowledge of her subject, she is creating results and giving aims to the life of her students year after year.  Her teaching method is so interesting that students learn the huge course of biology with complete positive approach, without taking any tension. As complete biology (Botany & Zoology) is taught by a single person, many concepts are revised again and again because some concepts are equally applicable in Zoology as well as in Botany. She takes complete responsibility of the biology marks of the deserving students in NEET and all related exams.



Tenth passed students have only a little knowledge about classical biology. They are groomed step wisely in the classroom with the help of many revision sessions, fill in the blanks on every line of the Text Book and various tests, they are made perfect for the final battle of the board and competitive exams. My classroom program includes –

  1. Teaching of CBSE & State board text book.
  2. Many revisions of the same chapter with PPTs, Photos and Videos.
  3. Remembering the extra points from notes provided by the class.
  4. For revising previous day’s topic we are conducting daily tests of ten questions each.
  5. Diagram tests from CBSE / State board text book.
  6. Solving objective questions covering every line of text book from the booklet provided by us.
  7. Chapter wise Basic tests (Objective and subjective).
  8. MCQs from prescribed books.
  9. Final chapter wise tests.
  10. Unit tests.
  11. Complete course tests.

For The Parents

Dear Parents,

            We know that in-spite of various academies and institutions, common student remain away from tangible benefits and success.

           The reasons may be any, but I always  try to overcome those all possible reasons  behind failure or poor performance in various boards and competitive exams.

          Usually it is seen that the aims are of parents and not of students, hence they do not work hard. I  try to give them ultimate direction in step-wise manner. I teach them optimism, positive thinking,  to keep high aims and to work hard for achieving them.

          Personally I feel that  it is the responsibility of both parents and teacher to groom confident future generation hence I pay complete attention towards following things-

          I pay attention towards their eating and sleeping habits as they affect on their health and concentration.

         I teach them to develop good relationships with other persons so that they will groom as wealthy and healthy persons.

         I teach them the study planning and time management as one who fails to plan is planning to fail.

        Many revision sessions, Fill in the blanks on every line of Text Book, Unit tests, Group tests, MCQ’s,  Diagram tests make them perfect for fighting the final battle of the Board and competitive exams.

        All those things are taught in step-wise manner so that they start getting pleasure in studies and then can study for more hours.

        It is our experience that,  after our teaching, moral and meditation sessions, students develop good thoughts, keen interest towards studies, confidence, healthy body, healthy social behavior, etc. Their body mind and soul becomes tools to achieve highest goal.

 I believe in complete reform.

Have a faith that change is possible and that happens  HERE.

Yours Truly,

Manjiri Munje